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Acorn Jelly Soup [도토리묵사발]

1. 밀을 받자마자 냉장고에 바로 보관합니다. 방금 만든 묵처럼 말랑한 식감을 위해서는 먹을 때 꺼내어 팔팔 끊는 물에 1분 정도 데쳐줍니다. 2. 그릇에 먹기 좋게 썰은 도토리묵과 육수, 야채, 김치 고명을 올려줍니다. 3. 모든 내용물을 잘 섞어 맛있게 드세요!


1. Upon receiving the wheat, promptly store it in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness. 2. For a soft and freshly-made jelly texture, blanch the jelly in boiling water for approximately 1 minute before serving. 3. Combine the sliced acorn jelly, broth, vegetables, and kimchi garnish in a bowl. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients to create a harmonious blend of flavors. 4. With these simple instructions, preparing the Acorn Jelly Soup will be a delightful and rewarding culinary experience. Enjoy the authentic taste of this Korean delicacy!


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