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Mealtime Made Simple

The leading provider of authentic Korean cuisine, bringing people together through the joy of food and creating memorable experiences that celebrate the richness and diversity of Korean culinary traditions.

Mom's table that traveled for 14 hours

After my wife gave birth in the US, she craved her mother's comforting seaweed soup from South Korea. Our longing for Korean cuisine grew stronger over time.

However, balancing work and motherhood made menu planning and grocery shopping challenging. The complexity of Korean cuisine left her with little time to rest. We wanted to find a way to make dinner enjoyable and alleviate her burdens.

This is how our journey with Meal4U began.



Legacy of serving over 40,000 dishes

Driven by a vision to bring the essence of Korean food to American tables, Meal4U relentlessly explores new menus and develops innovative systems, making Korean cuisine more accessible, delectable, and enjoyable for people of diverse backgrounds.

Meal4U, hailed as the premier Korean meal kit delivery company in the United States, proudly boasts a legacy of serving 40,000 dishes. Our mission is to fill the tables across America with the vibrant flavors and cultural richness of Korean food.

Meal4U Milestones

Meal4U Signature Dishes

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