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meal4u Reward Program

Your Ticket to Exclusive Perks!

Join the meal4U Reward Program and get ready to unlock a world of exciting perks. This is more than just a rewards program; it's your all-access pass to exclusive rewards and delightful culinary experiences.

Sign up now for free and start reaping the benefits!

Way To Earn

With meal4u Points, every action you take brings you closer to amazing rewards.

Place an order

3 point for every $1 spent

(Credited 3 days after delivery.)

Leave a Review

100 point for Photo + Text review

50 point for Text review

(Added every Wednesday)

Refer Friends

500 point

(Get $10 off for friend's order through your link. Receive 500 points after their order is delivered.)

Way To Redeem

Redeeming your meal4u Points is simple and rewarding

Order Discount

100 Points = $1

Check Your Reward Page

Join Now for Free and Start Earning!

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Rewards Policy

50 points for text-only reviews (30 chars or more).

100 points for reviews with at least one photo.

Avoid repetitive content for the same menu.

Make sure content is relevant—no repeated characters or initials.

Only use genuine photos of your purchase. No screenshots or unauthorized images!


Experience Low-Stress Cooking


Explore Our Delivery Service Area

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Savor the Flavors of Meal4u's Signature Menu

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