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Join Meal4u's AAPI Month Celebration!

Opportunity to win $150

Be Part of the Meal4u Team!

Our journey wouldn't be possible without YOU, our amazing customers who have helped us become the leading provider of Korean meal kits in the DMV area.
Now, we're inviting YOU to be a part of something special!



We'll select 5 lucky individuals to join us in showcasing our delicious dishes and participating in AACE's digital/finance education program.

​GET $50
Free Meals

2 Meal4u New Menus

Be the first to taste our tantalizing new menu items in June! As a supporter, you'll enjoy these delicious dishes before anyone else and let us know what you think.

​GET $100 Scholarship 

AACE Training Program

As a Meal4u supporter, you'll alsoreceive a $100 scholarship to enroll in the
AACE Digital/Financial Empowering Program. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills and empower yourself for a brighter future.

Event Details

📅 Application Period: May 7 - May 17
📚 AACE Training Period: May 21 - June 14
(Flexible learning via Zoom or online course videos)
📦 New Menu Delivery Date: June 3 or 4
📝 Review Period: June 5 - 11


Meal4u is Valued Sponsor of AACE

Asian American Women
Community Empowerment
in Digital and Finance.

Who We Are

Empower, Educate, and Elevate, Ensuring every Asian American Women not only thrives in her individual journey but also contributes to a stronger, more inclusive economic future.

What We Do

AACE specializes in offering practical online and financial education tailored to Asian women  immigrants, empowering them with essential skills and connecting them with job opportunities



Enhancing Digital and Financial Skills for Today's World



Offer insights into financial literacy and the online skills



Connecting Aace Creators, Elevating Aace Businesses


AACE Girls

Empowering Asian American Girls to lead and innovation to change the world.

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