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Authentic. Flavorful. A modern take on the traditional. Meal4U feeds your appetite for flavor with meal offerings for every lifestyle and occasion.

From meal kits for every day, to special kits for special occasions, to on-demand meals, we have just the Meal4U. Timeless recipes meet modern cuisine to give U meals and memories to savor.



Meal4U is committed to providing U with global cuisine at your doorstep and guarantees clean, sustainable practices. Our packaging is made from BPA-free, recyclable materials.

Meal4U aims to help reduce food waste through our service by delivering U the meals and kits U want and need. Say goodbye to confusion about what to do with extra ingredients and take a look at our recipes and meals instead. Our range of offerings all make mealtime simple and sustainable.

safetY 4 U

We ensure that chefs are wearing proper protective equipment at all times to comply with COVID-19 regulations while thoughtfully preparing your meals in safe, deeply sanitized kitchens held to the highest standards of safety.

Our chefs are required to take daily temperature checks and wear masks, gloves, hair nets and lab coats. Our kits are meticulously assembled in alignment with the FDA’s processes and regulations to guarantee safety and quality.


Good food should be accessible and cost effective. That’s why Meal4U does the legwork 4 U, giving U delicious, fun foods that are ready to eat, heat or prep when they arrive.

No more supermarket lines or overpaying for food U may or may not get around to cooking. No more waiting to get your restaurant favorites. No more wondering what to serve for your special event. Enjoy exactly what U want, when U want it, and save money doing it!


Meal4U is dedicated to providing meals for a wide range of dietary preferences. From vegetarian, to pescatarian, to vegan and so much more, U can always find a Meal4U.

Our meals are built to be balanced and our sorting functionalities make it simple to select meals in line with your personal goals and priorities.


Each meal in our meal kits can be traced back to its origins. Every recipe has a story and purpose behind its ingredients so that U can experience your meals with a deeper sense of knowledge and appreciation.

In all of our offerings, we prioritize using as much local produce as possible  and support local farmers and communities. Maintaining authenticity through appreciating where our food comes from is at the heart of how we prepare our meals.