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Korean Spicy Cold Noodles [비빔냉면]

  1. 끓는물 1000ml (2인분 기준)을 준비합니다.

  2. 냉면을 넣고 25초간 잘 저어주며 삶습니다.

  3. 찬물에 면의 끈적임이 없어질때 까지 비벼가며 행군 뒤 물기를 잘 빼고 그릇에 담아 줍니다.

  4. 준비된 육수를 기호에 맞게 약간 추가하고 양념장과 오이, 무초절임, 계란을 얹어서 맛있게 드셔요!

  1. Boil 1000ml of water (for 2 servings).

  2. Add the Naengmyeon noodles and stir for 25 seconds.

  3. Rinse the cooked noodles in cold water until the stickiness is gone.

  4. Drain the noodles well and transfer them to a bowl.

  5. Pour the prepared broth from half bag as your preference over the noodles and add sauce.

  6. Garnish with cucumber, pickled radish, and egg.

  7. Enjoy your delicious Naengmyeon!


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