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Korean Boiled Pork Set [보쌈세트]

Meal4U Bossam: A Flavorful Delight!

Ready to embark on a journey of flavor with our Meal4U Bossam? Let's dive in!

For a Fresh Bossam Experience:

  1. To enjoy it like fresh bossam, simply warm it up in a steamer for about 6 minutes.

Bossam Essentials:

At the heart of this Meal4U bossam experience lies the trio of ssamjang sauces, each bringing a unique twist to your palate:

  • Take a bite with minced garlic and salted fish for a savory kick.

  • Combine old nat soybean paste with spicy jalapeño for a tantalizing burst of flavors.

  • Don't forget to savor it with twisted radish, enhancing every mouthful.

촉촉하게 금방 썰어낸 보쌈처럼 먹는 세가지 방법 1. 찜기에 6분정도 데워주세요!

2. 에어프라이어 350도에 15분. (겉빠속초!)

3. 전자레인지 전용 그릇에 뚜껑 덮고 2분.

이번 밀포유 보쌈의 정수는 3개의 쌈장!!

다진마늘과 젓갈로 한입

옛낫된장과 매콤한 할라피요 한입

그리고 꼬들한 무생채


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